Serigraph (silk screen): Produced on a frame over which fine fabric (silk, polyester, and nylon) is stretched. The Fabric is blocked out wherever unprinted areas are to appear, you use oil or water-base ink which is brushed or squeegee through the open mesh of the fabric to produce an image on the paper. You repeat the process for each colour.

Collagraph: a print made from a collage of various materials glued together on a hard board, or textures or drawings made on a plate using modeling clay, and then printed as intaglio, relief or in combination of the two.

Lino - wood cut (relief): ink is rolled on the surface of the plate and then printed.

Intaglio: covers a large number of printmaking techniques such as: etching, drypoint, mezzotint, aquatint, and soft ground because the image is produced by inking the incised lines, recessed textures of a plate, wiping the surface and , with a damp paper over the plate, the plate is run through an etching press to get the image.

Monotype: A one of a kind image printed on un-worked surface. An image that can not be duplicated.

Monoprint: A one of a kind wiping that also may include direct painting on a worked plate.

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